Wedding Videographer in Lanzarote

The best memory of your wedding day in Lanzarote

Professional Video Equipment

The light conditions on a wedding day are sometimes difficult for cameras to capture good quality footage.

Therefore it is essential that your wedding video is filmed with professional equipment that can handle those situations.

Willem uses high quality Sony HDV camcorders. His main camera has 3 CCD´s which makes the camera perfect for low light conditions often encountered at church wedding ceremonies.

Also the backlight compensation function is often required when a bright light source is behind the subject of interest for example during the speeches when people stand in front of a window.

The build in neutal density filters optimize the filming in very bright outdoor situations which are often encountered on Lanzarote.

Willem sometimes uses a tripod during wedding ceremonies in the church to stay unobtrusive and has a Sony video light for extreme dark conditions such as the wedding party.

For 100% security Willem carries an extra Sony HDV camera with him as a back up for the very unlikely event that something would happen with his main camera.

You can just enjoy your wedding day and don´t need to worry about your memory for the future.